Texstile - Fiera del tessile sportivo Made in Italy

May 27-28, 2024

Palavela - Riva del Garda

Promotional event
of the sports textile supply chain
made in Italy

Texstile is the event dedicated to the sports textile industry and the promotion of Made in Italy.

The world demand for technical textiles for sportswear has been increasing over the last years. In this increase, the Italian export is getting a superlative performance.
The central role of Italian companies within this sector, clearly emerges by scrolling through the lists of exhibitors at the Fair of reference, where they often represent almost 50% of the total.
Texstile was born based upon these premises: a great event for the promotion of made in Italy to 360 degrees. Beside every product of Italian companies, in addition to the high quality, hides the typical italian tradition. A tradition that includes the true essence of Italianness: beauty, centuries-old history, art, good food and all those characteristics that make Italy a unique and exceptional Country.
Texstile wants to recount all this: in an extraordinary venue (Riva del Garda Lake), the companies of the sports textile industry will be able to invite the most important customers and let them experience 2 business days in a environment capable of encompassing the symbolic elements of Made in Italy. In addition, will be set up an all-inclusive lounge where exhibitors can pamper their guests, also organizing visits and outdoor activities for them or for their companions.

Fiera del tessile sportivo Made in Italy - Riva del Garda
Italian Export above average
Made in Italy - Tessile sportivo
Italian SME quality
Made in Italy - Export italiano
Beautiful venue on Lake Garda


Lake Garda is one of the most visited places in Italy, every view of the lake seems a painting, in which historic houses and authentic villages appear. To make its famous is not only the picturesque landscape, but also the good food and the exceptional neighborhood’s artistic heritage. In the northernmost part of the lake, in the historic center of Riva del Garda, is located one of the most fascinating Congress Centers in Europe. Directly overlooking Lake, with the Pre-Alps in the background, the Riva del Garda Congress Center is easily accesible from the Highway and represents the ideal venue for an event like Texstile, which aims to promote Made in Italy from every point of view.

Riva del Garda - Fiera del tessile sportivo


Sustainability is at the heart of all the services provided by the Riva del Garda Congress Centre. It has achieved ISO 20121 certification for the building and services provided by the international protocol for sustainable events. We work alongside event organisers providing the appropriate support in order to reduce all forms of environmental, economic and social impact to an absolute minimum.

Party Line shared with Expo time srl, organizer of Texstile which, for years, is using the solar energy produced by its buildings and uses a plastic free approach at the fair, using compostable and biodegradable materials.

Texstile takes a significant step forward by opening its doors online through a digital showroom on Bsamply.com. This strategic move reflects the initiative taken by A Fabric Affair, which successfully brought its workshop into the digital world within the Bsamply Community Network.

Texstile’s integration into the digital world through Bsamply platform is a response to the evolving needs of the market and the growing demand from brands for more affordable and diverse sourcing options. Through this partnership, Texstile will digitalize its supply, allowing exhibitors to showcase their catalogs in a dedicated virtual showroom on Bsamply. This partnership will provide greater visibility for Texstile and allow registered buyers to access an even more diverse selection of materials, connecting directly with major companies in the Italian sports textile industry.

This digital showroom initiative marks a pivotal moment for Texstile as it embraces the digital transformation of the textile industry, ensuring that its unique supply is accessible to a global audience. With this initiative, Texstile not only adapts to the changing landscape of the textile trade, but also sets a new standard by which traditional exhibitions can expand and thrive in the digital age.